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The following is list of software that is useful for biotelemetry. If you know of any other programs that are not listed here, please email the link to me and I'll include it.

Cam Grant
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Custom Software

Ecological Software Solutions

  • Software Products for Biology, Ecology, Wildlife & Fisheries, Foresty, Geography, and Other Environmental Sciences.

ESRI - Free Software

Home Range Software


  • Ranges8 for Windows, software for the spatial and temporal analysis of location data. Analyse unlimited numbers of locations collected by GPS, radio-tracking, trapping or surveys. The most comprehensive selection of home-range estimators and analyses of area statistics, range overlaps, sociality, dispersal and habitat use. A Windows interface facilitates data entry, visualisation and editing, providing elementary GIS functionality. Data from hundreds of animals can be analysed at once and results output directly into spreadsheet compatible files. An integrated help system outlines analysis options and makes Ranges6 a valuable teaching tool.